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Irish Shine 02:51


"A complex album, already extremely good and also very promising."

(c) octopus-4

* * *

"Surprisingly good... I must say that the production of the album sounds professional. In fact this music is not for passive ears. This is music for heart and mind. It takes a certain amount of discipline to understand this record, and it takes several listens to fully comprehend. All of the tracks are good, but particular standouts include the rousing For The Light (The closing track gives the album its title)."

(c) nikitasv777

* * *

"Their melodies keep the listener interested, and they reference musical themes across the album. For The Light is very well paced. It never drags, which can be very common in purely instrumental prog. By keeping the early songs pithy and ending with a longer piece, the group have managed this 48 minutes of music extraordinarily well. Since there are no lyrics to keep us engaged, Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov use various instruments to keep the listener interested throughout the album."

(c) Bryan Morey
Dutch Progressive Rock Page (aka DPRP)

* * *

"It is a combination of super musicians. This super combo's first album was last year's "For The Light." This is mainly for instrumental music. Its style spans symphony, psychedelic, space rock, and pioneering areas. The concept of the album is "How to maintain peace of mind under trouble and pressure", and I have to say that the albums in front of what is really in the field are all ah! The music is retro and modern, but highly original."

(c) mitarai_panda

* * *

"This is an album that requires some concentration and time to enjoy because of the nature of the music who is adventurous and because the musicians don't try to impress their audience with big guitar solos, but instead rely on subtle arrangements and by putting you in an atmosphere where light meets dark."

(c) rdtprog

* * *

"After repeated listening to For The Light, I must admit that it is a really suspenseful and original album that may come with some small weaknesses like maybe the occasional lack of focus, but all in all I applaud the musicians’ uninhibited take at progressive rock. There are all kinds of sub-genres like chamber prog, avant prog, retro prog and psychedelia mixed into this fascinating entity that manages to feel like a musical fairy tale".

(c) Pascal Thiel

* * *

"The debut album from 'Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project' is very similar to their live album 'Adventures at the Babooinumfest 2017', which is to be expected, given the improvisational approach to songwriting used here. That said, I can quite easily say that I do like this more, as I find there to be less meandering that could occasionally be found from time to time on 'Adventures...'. Furthermore, I appreciate the more varied tone that the songs have, having both slightly dark sounding tracks full of cyclical rhythms, and much dreamier, relaxing pieces, all with a strong overtone of psychedelia woven through in a way reminiscent of Pink Floyd and King Crimson while still maintaining a fairly distinct sound. I also like the way different elements are introduced throughout the first few tracks in order to gradually introduce the listener to the larger scope of the album than what it may first seem.

The first 3 tracks show this perfectly, with 'Wounded by the Lack of Light' being predominantly guitar focused, while 'Keep No Thou Silence' contains elements such as a piano, along with a much greater focus on synths and keyboards. 'A Dedication To The Floydian Sun' then further introduces elements by having a large focus on the clarinet and bass clarinet. After this, 'Create in Me A Clean Heart' combines these elements and then draws attention to the rhythm, with a near hypnotic beat. I also really enjoy the neoclassical edge the song has to it with the keyboard mimicking the sound of a harpsichord. While another reviewer already mentioned this, I do really like the touch of every song including the word "light" having this melodic motif, which gives the album a nice bit of character. While this is cool, I find the songs themselves to be a bit lacking, without anything other than the reprises to be particularly memorable. 'Delivered from the Snare of the Fowler' on the other hand manages to start straight off with a great fade in intro with one of the better guitar sections on the album, before morphing into more abstract music with a lot more focus on atmosphere. I enjoy this version of 'Coming of the Troubled Waters' a lot more than the version on 'Adventures...', with the section where there is very little instrumentation other than the keyboard to sound marvellous, with the way it slowly builds to include more rhythmic interplay while still ending it on a very pretty note to be great. Similarly to this, I really loved the various transitions in 'A Flower in the Smoke'. The album ends nicely with the long 'For the Light', with a darker sound very similar to what one could find in one of Kind Crimson's improvisational tracks before developing into a highly entertaining groove. This is easily my favourite track for the energy and the amount of ground it covers, all while still sounding perfectly enjoyable.

Overall, I do prefer this album to the live one by the same band, with a great deal of it being due to how much tighter written it is, with less extended jams that didn't feel as if they were going anywhere with them. I definitely found this album enjoyable, taking the often abstract nature of this particular kind of music, and giving it a lot of atmosphere along with never making it anything extremely challenging to listen to, instead being quite pleasant. Despite there being a couple of slight dips in quality, I also can comfortably say that there wasn't anything that I considered low quality on here, making it a consistently enjoyable album that I'd highly recommend.

Best songs: Create in Me a Clean Heart, Coming of the Troubled Waters, For The Light

Weakest songs: The Thing in the Light

Verdict: Despite the improvised jam style that the band seems to take on, the music is rather pleasant to listen to, without too much of anything to seriously challenge the listener, unless they aren't too keen on purely instrumental albums. Despite this, it is a highly enjoyable album that I highly recommend is listened to."

(c) Kempokid

* * *

"For The Light is a very fascinating album by Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project. The first track, after a melodic intro, turns more and more into a free jazz fusion piece tha allows the band to show its multiple talents. It is followed by the most accessible track of the album ''Keep No Thou Silence'' that would not be out of place on some of Pat Metheny's jazzier albums. Next we get ''A Dedication to the Floydian Sun'' that explores more ambient moods. The rest of the album continues on this path, alternating moods and textures but still while keeping a common link between the pieces. In fact in my opinion, For The LIght feels more to me like an epic musical oeuvre than a collection of tracks. Many of the passages are very beautiful and moving, others darker and even unsettling.

For The Light is certainly an album that deserves multiple listenings and will continue to reveal itself each time. The musicians performances are superb and this music I consider to be quite unique.

This is certainly not music that will blow you away as soon at you put it on. Like a vintage bottle of wine, let it breath a while and then discover it with patience and curiosity. Recommended indeed."

(c) Marc Roy

* * *

"Interesting and challenging as it might be for the listener, the content of the album drifts between contrasting aspects of progressive rock music fusing together that which is experimental with solid moments of more standard keyboard and guitar interactions. Every now and then, tucked nicely amid the flurries of keyboard and other sounds emerge interesting and quite soulful dispatches’ of clarinet. The drumming is quite amazing and without doubt a veritable lesson is given here in percussive technique, the time keeping and application is quite breathtaking for pieces of music so varied and complicated in terms of tempo."

(c) Geoff Penn

* * *

"RMP heeft een eigen stijl, een herkenbaarheid waarvan niet wordt afgeweken en dat hoeft ook niet: als je de muziek zou moeten omschrijven als het karakter van een mens zou je zeggen: sympathiek, eigenzinnig, krachtig en soms een beetje ostentatief. De nummers hebben een bepaalde lichtvoetigheid, bij veel tracks zou een video van dansende sprinkhanen met een viool niet misstaan. Wat zeker is: de muziek is het promoten meer dan waard en dat doen we dan ok graag."
(c) rockaffairs.org/2017/07/30/rmp-for-the-light/


released October 1, 2017

This is the debut album by Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project. It is the new Russian supergroup including musicians from various prog and prog-related Russian bands – Yojo, Algabas, Enine, Roz Vitalis, KGB etc.

The fundamental goal of the band and its debut album is to open new musical worlds that cannot be analyzed in the rational manner.
The applied goal of the band and its debut album is to reveal how to protect peace of mind in the conditions of troubles and stress.

Line up

Yurii Groiser – drums
Vladimir Mikhaylov – guitar; bass; drill [2]
Leonid Perevalov – bass clarinets and clarinets
Ivan Rozmainsky – Klaviphon [5], [6]; Virus TI2 and other keyboards

with thanks to:

Natalia Fyodorova – gusli
Anastasia Mikhaylova – voices

Music by Rozmainsky / Mikhaylov
except [8] by Mikhaylov / Rozmainsky
and [3], [7], [11] by Groiser / Mikhaylov / Perevalov / Rozmainsky

Drums recorded at Medium Studio by Evgeny Peresedov and edited at Parksound Studio by Dmitry Chichagov

Guitar and Bass recorded at Mikhaylov Home Studio by Vladimir Mikhaylov, at Dmitry Mamaev Home Studio by Dmitry Mamaev and at Medium Studio by Evgeny Peresedov

Drill recorded at Mikhaylov Home Studio by Vladimir Mikhaylov

Clarinets and Bass Clarinets recorded at Leonid Perevalov Home Studio by Leonid Perevalov

Klaviphon recorded at Parksound Studio by Dmitry Chichagov
(special thanks to Sergey Gorchaninov)

Virus TI2 recorded at Medium Studio by Evgeny Peresedov
(special thanks to Ilya Frolov)

Other keyboards recorded at the Ad Lucem Studio by Ivan Rozmainsky

Voices recorded at Medium Studio by Evgeny Peresedov

Gusli recorded at Vid Studio by Vladimir Ivanov

Mixing and Mastering by Alexander Kuzovlev at Vespero’s Mobile Studio (VMS)

Artwork by Vyacheslav Potapov

Released by ArtBeat Music
1st October 2017



all rights reserved



Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project Saint Petersburg, Russia

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